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Wakehurst Road, Battersea, London, SW11 6BF

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If you are suffering from:

  • Back (sciatica) / neck / shoulder / knee / ankle / elbow / wrist pain
  • Muscle injuries / strains / sprains / tears
  • Arthritis
  • After surgery e.g. knee/hip replacement, shoulder surgery, postnatal problems
  • Sports injuries

A physiotherapist can help to assess and manage your condition without the need to see a GP first.   There are three ways to access a physiotherapist

  • At Bolingbroke Medical Centre you have access to a First Contact Physiotherapy service.

Advanced physiotherapists can provide an expert assessment of your case and go on to offer advice on exercise, referral onto more regular physiotherapy (at St John's Therapy Centre/ St. George's University Hospital), scanning or referral onto specialists (Orthopaedics etc.). To book an appointment please see below.

The getUBetter app is provided for patients registered at Bolingbroke Medical Centre.